What is freight forwarding process?

What is the freight forwarding process?

Different transportation methods will have different operating procedures. For customers, you only need to send your goods to the freight forwarder’s warehouse, and they will handle it for you.
1. Inquiry, provide inquiry information: product name, number of pieces, weight, box gauge size, port of destination and airport and inquire with freight forwarders
2. Sign the power of attorney for cargo consignment, that is, the contract
3. For booking, the freight forwarder will select the appropriate route and flight time according to the requirements of the shipper after receiving the entrustment of the shipper to book the space with the carrier.
4. Receiving the goods, A: Shipper self-delivery: The freight forwarder should fax the goods into the warehouse map to the shipper, indicating the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time, etc. So that the goods can be put into the warehouse in time and accurately.
B: The freight forwarder receives the goods: the shipper needs to provide the freight forwarder with the specific receiving address, contact person, telephone number, time and other relevant information to ensure that the goods are in the warehouse in time.
5. For customs declaration, the shipper provides the required information for customs declaration: the corresponding packing list, invoice, customs declaration power of attorney and other documents (currently all customs across the country implement paperless declarations, and customers need to sign a paperless agreement with the customs on the Internet), and the freight bill They will be handed over to the customs declarer to declare to the customs. After the customs has verified that it is correct, the goods are released and the customs declaration procedures are completed.
6. Transit customs clearance, A: Directly to the port of destination: Customs clearance will be carried out by the consignee listed on the air waybill, and the goods will be collected. B: Non-direct to the destination port: The airline will be responsible for transshipment and deliver the goods to the final port of destination. The consignee shown on the waybill clears customs and picks up the goods.
7. Expense settlement, the settlement of expenses needs to be based on the settlement method agreed by both parties, if it is the current settlement method, the owner of the freight must be paid in advance, and then the goods will be transported by the carrier. If both parties sign a monthly settlement agreement, the settlement will be unified according to the settlement time agreed by both parties

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