European countries are preparing to lift the blockade!

 European countries are preparing to lift the blockade!

After the outbreak of the epidemic in the past two months, the number of confirmed cases, infection rates, and death rates in European countries have declined significantly. Therefore, some European countries have begun to formulate plans aimed at eventually restoring normal social life. At present, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic and other countries have successively indicated that they will relax the closure measures taken in response to the new crown epidemic.

Germany: End of blockade measures on April 19
Spain: End of emergency after April 26
Czech Republic: relaxation of partial closure measures
Austria: Allow small shops to reopen
Denmark: plans to reopen daycare centers and schools
Italy: ready to enter the "second stage"
United Kingdom: may follow Italy
France: The epidemic has improved
Germany: End of blockade measures on April 19
According to foreign media reports on the 6th, Germany has developed a series of measures, including mandatory masks in public places, restricted assembly and rapid tracking of infection chains, to help the country gradually resume normal life after ending its blockade measures on April .
So far, Germany has newly diagnosed 5,404 cases, with a cumulative total of 113,296 cases diagnosed, 2,256 deaths, and 36,081 cases cured. From the curve, the number of diagnoses in Germany has shown a downward trend.
Spain: End of emergency after April 26
On April 8th local time, the Spanish government spokesperson Maria-Jesus-Montero said that Spain will end the emergency after April 26th and resume normal life.
Affected by the new crown epidemic, the whole of Spain is currently in a state of emergency. They started the state of emergency from March 16 and will continue until at least April 26.
Czech Republic: Partial closure measures are released
Health Minister Vojtje said that by the end of April, about 10,600 people will be infected; the Czech Republic has successfully prevented the uncontrolled spread of the new coronavirus and can start preparing for normal life.
According to reports, Czech officials revealed that the Czech government agreed to relax some of the closure measures taken due to the outbreak on April 6, local time, because the growth of new coronavirus infections in the country has stabilized in recent days
Austria: Allow small shops to reopen
On the 6th, Austrian Prime Minister Kurz announced on the 6th that in view of the initial control of the epidemic, Austria will gradually relax the current strict epidemic prevention measures after mid-April.
Based on the research and judgment of the epidemic, the government has formulated a timetable for returning to normal social operation:
◆ Resident travel restrictions extended to the end of April.
◆ From April 14th, small shops, gardening markets, etc. can resume business under the conditions of epidemic prevention.
◆ From May 1st, all commercial shops and barber shops will resume business.
◆ The hotel and catering industry will resume operations from mid-May.
◆ School distance teaching is tentatively extended to mid-May.
◆ Assemblies and large events are still prohibited until the end of June

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