24 cargo aircrafts of Maersk Airlines put into operation

 24 cargo aircrafts of Maersk Airlines put into operation

Maersk said in an internal letter to its employees that it will ship a large amount of anti-epidemic equipment from China to ensure that Danish medical staff are protected from infection. This task is carried out by A.P. Muller-Maersk Group Holding Company. The transport aircraft is partly from Maersk ’s own airline Star Air, plus 24 other charter flights
Maersk Star Air Star Air is a Danish cargo airline, it is a subsidiary of AP Mueller-Maersk Group, has 15 Boeing 767 (Aircraft fleet 11 Boeing 767-200SF 1 Boeing 767-300 BCF, 1 Boeing 767-300 BCF and 2 Boeing 767-300F), the fleet, code-named S6


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