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Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Definition of customs declaration

Customs declaration (customs declaration) is one of the necessary links to fulfill the customs entry and exit procedures. Refers to the process in which the person in charge of the inbound and outbound means of transport, the consignee or consignor of goods and articles, or their agents, when passing through a customs-supervised port, declares and goes through relevant procedures in accordance with the law. The objects involved in customs declaration can be divided into two categories: inbound and outbound transportation vehicles and goods and articles. Due to their different natures, their customs declaration procedures are different. For transportation vehicles such as ships and airplanes, the captain and captain usually sign the arrival and departure declaration forms, and submit the cargo manifest, air transport, sea waybill and other documents to declare to the customs, as the customs supervises the loading and unloading of goods and passengers on and off. in accordance with. For goods and articles, the consignee or consignor or his agent shall fill in the customs declaration form according to the trade nature of the goods or the category of the article, and attach the relevant statutory documents and commercial and transportation documents for customs declaration. If the goods are bonded, they should be declared in the form of "bonded goods", and the customs' handling and supervision methods are different from those of other trade methods.

Definition of customs clearance

Customs Clearance means customs clearance, also known as customs clearance. It means that imported goods, export goods and transshipment goods must declare to the customs when entering a country’s customs or borders, go through various procedures prescribed by the customs, and fulfill various laws and regulations. Only after fulfilling various obligations and going through customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures, the goods can be released, and the owner or declarer can pick up the goods. Similarly, various means of transport that carry import and export goods need to declare to the customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain permission from the customs for the entry, exit or transshipment of imported and exported goods. During the customs clearance period, the goods, whether they are imported, exported or transshipped, are under customs supervision and are not allowed to circulate freely

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